About the Book: The Music That Brings Revival

The music that brings revival is a book. It is recommended to everyone who is thirsty for  a great revival through songs. Music has always played a great role in church ministration, from time immemorial. Various supernatural and spectacular feats have also been achieved, through the right approach to and use of music according to Biblical standards. However, a look at gospel music in recent times leaves much to be desired.

The Word of God reveals that a harp healed an insane king. A joyful noise brought down a great wall. A group of singers were engaged in battle with three great nations, and the nations were utterly destroyed through songs. Also, two prisoners sang in prison and there was a great earthquake.  It shook the foundations of the prison, broke the chains of the prisoners and opened the doors of the prison. As a result, the jailer was saved.

The book in your hands will reveal to you the prerequisites for achieving such results. Our music can still bring revival.

Excerpt from the book… 

The Music That Brings Revival - Kayode Olusoji

“I had an encounter with the Lord between 2nd and 4th January, 1996. The Lord told me to reach out to the world in songs, and groom true worshipers. He is looking for those who would worship Him in Spirit and in truth [John 4:20-24]. He told me to arise and shine in the midst of the gross darkness that covers the earth [Isaiah 60:1-3].

God said that he is not interested in false, hypocritical, carnal and fake worshipers, who are only worshiping Him with their lips, while their hearts are far from Him [Matthew 15:7-9]But, he is interested in true worshippers who will worship Him [God] in Spirit and in truth.

Since then, I have had a great burden in my heart to see great revival through music. If there is anything I am thirsting, longing, hungering, yearning and craving for, it is to see God move supernaturally through my songs. I took time to seek the face of God in prayer that He may reveal to me the conditions to meet, the price to pay, and the qualifications of the person whose music would bring revival.

As I took time to study the scriptures, the Holy Spirit began to enlighten me on the type of music that brings revival. He revealed the secrets of heart-touching music to me. The book inyour hands is what the Holy Spirit has taught me so far, and I deem it fit to share it with Choir leaders, choristers, music ministers, pastors and all who are thirsting for true revival through songs.

Do you want sinners to be convicted of their sins as you sing? Do you want to see miracles happening as you minister in songs? Do you want your music to move from the level of mere entertainment to powerful ministration? Then this book will be of help to you. If you feel blessed by this book after reading it, please recommend it to others.


About The Author

Revival -Kayode Olusoji - The Music That Brings Revival

Kayode Olusoji

Speak the name Kayode Olusoji, and visions of dynamic worship songs and lively praise of African tunes spiced with a Contemporary flavor will rush to mind. He is known for his Cross-cultural songs and smooth blending of African tunes with a contemporary flavor, creating a unique style of music which he described as Afro Contempo Gospo Music. His performance is always filled with the aura and the presence of God, leaving his audience speechless, craving for more of God.

Kayode is a man on a mission. His mission is to reach out to the world via songs and groom the true worshiper.  To groom those who will worship God in Spirit and in truth. This is in accordance to the mandate that God gave to him in 1996.
One of the major turning points and landmark in his ministry was his encounter with the man of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye. He shared his vision with him in 1997 and he encouraged him, and prayed for him. In 1999 after listening to one of the messages of the man of God titled “His Ministers’ Flame of Fire”, he was pricked in his spirit and developed an unquenchable thirst for the fire of God. The message says, you can either receive the Fire of the Holy Spirit from the Rock of Ages (God) or from a man of God who has the fire already by laying of hands. After seeking the face of God, he prayerfully approached Pastor E.A. Adeboye who prayed for his ministry and laid hands on him. Since then the power of God came heavily upon him and his ministry has not remain the same.
Kayode successfully combined music with banking for a decade before going fully into his ministry in 2012. Two solo albums later, his latest being the critically acclaimed recording “Gidi Gan” which means, “abundantly or more than enough”. This album was produced by Wole Oni and it came in two varieties: “Gidi Gan Classic” and “Gidi Gan Reloaded”. The former has 10 tracks plus 7 instrumentals while the latter has 10 tracks plus a radio skit.
Kayode Olusoji is happily married to Moji Olusoji, also a music minister who is very passionate about God and music. The union of these couple has further proved the scripture which says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor” Together; they are doing great exploits for Jesus, breaking the fallow ground, taking over territories and kingdoms via their music ministry. Together they host a biannual concert tagged, “Free 2 Worship Concert”. The concert has a track record of the move of God where the captives are set free to worship Jesus. Kayode also host an annual concert tagged “Gidi Gan Live Concert”. He and his wife are blessed with three boys; Posi, Gbolade and Olaotan.

Kayode is also a Song Writer who has written over 500 songs. He’s nurtured a career that’s seen him sing in Europe and some other countries in Africa. In Nigeria, he has racked up several miles on the road spreading the gospel via music. He recently toured various cities in UK such as London, Nottingham, Leicester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Leatherhead. Apart from Nigeria, his videos are been aired in many TV stations in countries like South Africa, Ghana, Europe, United States of America, etc. He has his album “Gidi Gan Classic” in over 50 online stores across the globe including Spinlet in Nigeria.

His album has earned him five awards and fourteen nominations. Some of the awards include, Best Traditional Contemporary Music, Nigerian Gospel Music Video Awards, 2013. Best International Male Artist, Gospel Music Awards, Italy, 2012. Best Indigenous Traditional music, Nigeria Gospel Awards, 2012. Best Afro Beat Artist, National Gospel Awards, 2011 and 2013; Finalist in the entertainment category, GAB Awards UK, 2013 etc. Despite all these awards, Kayode always accentuate that his main focus is to get those heavenly awards and rewards. His ultimate goal is to go the extra mile to win as many souls as possible for Christ and add many stars to his crowns in heaven.

Kayode is also a Music Business Consultant and he is the founder and CEO of Woodclef; a kingdom based Music Company that is promoting music and music business in Africa. He developed so many innovative ideas for the company including “Music Business Intelligence and Woodclef Professional Network”. He is an advocate of clean and wholesome music. He has written several articles in so many blogs and magazines to kick against nudity and vulgar languages in many videos that have flooded the airwaves. He believes that the true “Stars” and “Role models” are those who sing edifying songs and live a godly life. He is also the General Coordinator of “The True Worshippers” a group of singers and musicians inaugurated in 2007, who minister during the “Free 2 Worship Concert”.

He is the author of “The Final Verdict” and also “The Music That Brings Revival”, a book that is redefining gospel music. In this book, he admonishes the church, choristers and music ministers or gospel artists to seek for great revival through their music. He is a preacher and a teacher of the Word of God and he does that in both conventional and unconventional ways. He is a guest speaker in conferences and also in music business seminars.

Kayode Olusoji is a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA). He bagged a Masters in Business Administration from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and he has a certificate in “Developing Innovative ideas for new companies: A first step in Entrepreneurship” from the University of Maryland, USA. He also has some certificates in music from MUSON School of music. He however believes that been a scholar in the Word of God supersedes all these certificates.



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