The Music That Brings Revival

What is the inspiration behind “The Music That Brings Revival?I had an encounter with the Lord between 2nd and 4th January, 1996, while seeking His face. The Lord told me to reach out to the world in songs, and groom true worshipers who would worship Him in Spirit and in truth [John 4:20-24]. He told me to arise and shine in the midst of the gross darkness that covers the earth [Isaiah 60:1-3].

God said that he is not interested in false, hypocritical, carnal and fake worshipers, who are only worshiping Him with their lips, while their hearts are far from Him [Matthew 15:7-9]. But, he is interested in true worshipers who will worship Him [God] in Spirit and in truth.

Since then, I have had a great burden in my heart to see great revival through music. If there is anything I am thirsting, longing, hungering, yearning and craving for, it is to see God move supernaturally through my songs. I took time to seek the face of God in prayer that He may reveal to me the conditions to meet, the price to pay, and the qualifications of the person whose music would bring revival.

As I took time to study the scriptures, the Holy Spirit began to enlighten me on the type of music that brings revival. He revealed the secrets of heart-touching music to me. This book is what the Holy Spirit has taught me so far, and I deem it fit to share it with Choir leaders, choristers, music ministers, pastors and all who are thirsting for true revival through songs.

Do you want sinners to be convicted of their sins as you sing? Do you want to see miracles happening as you minister in songs? Do you want your music to move from the level of mere entertainment to powerful impartation? Then this book will be of help to you. If you feel blessed by this book after reading it, please recommend it to others. Stay blessed.