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Campus representatives are the brand representatives, brand managers, or brand ambassadors of Kayode Olusoji on campuses. They  are responsible for spreading the word about Kayode Olusoji’s brand on campuses. Their primary goal is to help with marketing programs on campus, occasionally even hosting workshops and throwing events to promote the brand of Kayode Olusoji.

The Campus Representative will be a student who is hired to set up promotional displays or hand out flyers at the campus bookstore, student union, or local record store within their vicinity. They will be involved in setting up merchandising booths, and selling artist T-shirts, stickers, buttons, pins and posters at events. They might also set up a point-of-purchase display, which contains CDs, videos, and other pieces of merchandise of the artist at the record stores or events.

The Campus Rep may also be responsible for checking stores for CD inventory, making sure albums are in stock, and if not, then notifying Kayode Olusoji’s record label’s distribution department. The Rep can also let the label know if it seems CDs aren’t selling, maybe signaling the need for a harder marketing or promotion push.

Other duties of the Campus Rep include interviewing campus students to get a feel for how they view his new releases and give feedback and to promote his concert on the campus or facilitate his invitation for gigs, or training They will assist in hanging posters or flyers around campus.

If need be, he or she may set up interviews between media personalities and acts when Kayode Olusoji is in town for a concert or some other events. The rep might also even interview Kayode Olusoji, to run in the campus or local paper, or even on a radio station. He will also raise prayer partners on campus to frequently pray together for Kayode’s concerts seminars and outreaches.


Campus Representatives will be given some free albums, T-shirts, posters, and/or concert tickets. They also get an agreed percentage of every gig sourced or any music business deal. They will get Kayode’s albums and books at a subsidized rate. They get a percentage of all paid trainings organized by them on campuses on behalf of Kayode Olusoji.

Education and Training

It is mandatory that a Campus Rep be enrolled in a college or university during the time they are working in this role. College majors in music, business, communications, journalism, finance, or music merchandising has an added advantage to take up this position.


Experience, Skills, and Personality

The Campus Rep must be intelligent, self-driven, and be willing to be effective in this role. They must also really want to break into the industry in order to increase Kayode Olusoji’s market share. Basic industry and music business knowledge is useful, and an ability to work without direct day-to-day supervision is required. In addition, the Campus Rep must be a born again Christian.

Unions, Fellowships and Associations

Students interested in taking up this role as a Campus Rep can also enhance his or her effectiveness by belonging to the student union or activity board of the college, work on school concert committees or at college radio stations. They must also be a strong member of a  Christian fellowship on the campus and be highly committed.


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