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Mo Moore Music Project

Kindly support Mo Moore Music Project (MMMP). The song Mo Moore is a new track in an upcoming album by Kayode Olusoji. The music minister who is fondly called “The Gidi Gan Master” is poised to add some other sets of great worship songs to the archives of songs that are recognized in heaven. Mo Moore Music Project will be a compilation of great compositions of praise and worship songs packaged as a sacrifice to God Almighty. Be a part of it.

Mo Moore Music Project


I come before the Lord God Almighty with a grateful heart and with a singing tongue…

I come before His presence with lifted hands and with my dancing  shoes…

I want to appreciate Him for His faithfulness and for His steadfast love…

For good health, for provision and for keeping me alive till today…

All I want to say is Lord, I am grateful. I am really grateful…

I don’t want to take your grace and mercies of upon my life for granted…

That’s what this song, “Mo Moore” is all about. It means, “I am grateful”…

Are you also grateful to God or you are an ingrate?…

If you are indeed grateful to God, then sing “Mo Moore” with me…

Sing , share, tweet, play and spread the song far and wide…

Sing the song every day until everyone knows how grateful you are…

…Kayode Olusoji



“Chord structures, bass line, beat and percussion all on point. It’s really nice I must confess.”-Jude Ekiribi (Bassist)

“Nice job. I love the groove. It makes sense.” –Ima Brown (Gospel Artist)

“This is your best track so far”- (My Children’s opinion)

“My wife could not stop dancing to the groove, she really love the song. It is groovy and crispy. This song will surely take your music to the next level.”-Wole Oni (The Producer)

“This is a lovely danceable Praise song, one of the few gospel songs with a nice hook. Finally DJs have a nice gospel song they can play all other songs in their mixes with”-LL. D’DON

“Nice job bro. The concept is unique.”-Seyi Alesh (Saxophonist USA)

 “It’s a great song.”-Prince Da Psalmist (Gospel Artist)

 “Wow this is a hit sir. U done blow with this track oh”-Dj Drey

“I’ve just gotten time to listen to the song. I am currently listening to it and I feel it’s a pure beauty. The attention to details is on point!”-Elizabeth Olusoga (Music Minister)

“Wow! Just downloaded the song. The song is da Bomb! Well done sir! More anointing”-Bisi Olayinka (Music Minister)

 “Sir K I’m feeling dis song now chai see groove”-Lizzy Success (Gospel Artist)


My aim is just to show my gratitude to God with this song. However, if the song spur you to dance to God , don’t resist the urge. Just go ahead and dance to your Maker don’t hold back. He deserves more. Deejays, get set to include the song in your compilations. Your song compilations for 2016 is not complete without it. Radio Stations, get set for this great music.  Kindly help spread it far and wide.

The song is very easy to learn. So, Praise & Worship leaders, you need to include this in your list every Sunday. It is your next hit thanksgiving song. For all the grateful hearts in the house, “Mo Moore” is your thanksgiving song. The song is produced by that gifted hands, Wole Oni.

Please download the song, share and leave a comment.

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