Preambles: The Journey to Self-discovery

The journey to self-discovery is a series of articles first published on my Instagram platform. The thought to put this into writing started during family devotion when my children started asking how one can discover himself. It dawned on me that many are living purposelessly in this world without really knowing who they are. I hope the series of articles will help you and me to discover who we are and enlighten us on how to actualize God’s plans for our lives.

The Journey To Self-discovery Part 13:

When we finally discover who we are, we will realize that we are not supposed to compete with each other but to complement each other. We have millions of stars in the sky, yet all stay in their space and shine their light for the world to see. So, when you fully understand your true identity, you will take an unhealthy competition away from your dictionary.

In John 4, Jesus responded to the Samaritan woman that the location or denomination where you worship is not the most important thing to God. What God is seeking for are the true worshippers who will worship Him in Spirit & in truth. Though we have different denominations today, the body of Christ is one.

Then who are we competing with? That media which is drawing so many souls to hell are our real competitors. How do we take over the media for Christ? The wrong policies in the educational sector should be our real concerns. How are we going to take over the educational sectors back for Christ & lead our children in the right direction by building the right foundation for them? Every government policies that is not founded on godly principles is our real challenge. How do we ensure that the will of God is done on earth as it is in heaven?

Christians should be able to share ideas & strategies on how they have been able to expand God’s kingdom with one another so that we can take over the world together. In Genesis 2, God never gave man dominion over other humans. He gave us dominion over the earth & all other creatures. We are to subdue the earth not to dominate people. Everyone is supposed to have dominion over the earth by serving his or her gifts to the world. By doing so, we will dominate in our areas of calling. Everybody is created uniquely with great gifts, talents & potentials. When we all maximize our potentials, we will subdue the earth.

Christians, let us forget division, denomination, segregation, rivalry, competition, & let us join forces together to fight our common enemy which is Satan. Stars don’t compete with stars, they only complement each other.

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