Preambles: The Journey to Self-discovery

The journey to self-discovery is a series of articles first published on my Instagram platform. The thought to put this into writing started during family devotion when my children started asking how one can discover himself. It dawned on me that many are living purposelessly in this world without really knowing who they are. I hope the series of articles will help you and me to discover who we are and enlighten us on how to actualize God’s plans for our lives.

The Journey To Self-discovery Part 2:

In the first part of this article, I said it is possible for your parents, your siblings, your children, your spouse, your pastor or even you not to understand your purpose. I also said you need to have an encounter with your manufacturer (God) for you to discover your purpose.
I would like to also add this, it is possible for your friend not to understand your purpose or what you are going to become in the future. That’s why you need to treat everyone well. Because that man who is down today might be up tomorrow. Build a quality relationship with people and in fact, pray for a quality relationship. Also, keep the right association. Because the association you keep will either make or mar you.

I currently have two dads, my biological dad, and my spiritual dad. My spiritual dad was one of my dad’s intimate friend while he was at the University. He was my dad’s best man when he was getting married. Today my spiritual dad is known all over the world. My dad did not know that his friend will one day become the General Overseer of one of the fastest growing church in the world who will lead millions of souls to Christ. My biological dad did not realize that his intimate friend then will have a global influence and Presidents of nations would like to seek his audience. He didn’t realize that his friend is a great man of God who will positively affect the world. I have also benefited so much from this relationship.

What am I trying to bring out? Treat everyone you meet well. The Joseph that Potiphar and his wife taught was an ordinary slave eventually became a Prime Minister. If the jailer had looked down on Joseph then as an ordinary prisoner he would have regretted his actions when Joseph eventually ascended the throne. That man in the pit today might eventually become a global figure. Joseph’s brother who sold him into slavery were later bitting their fingers in regret.
As parents, we are supposed to seek the face of God concerning our children so that we can discover God’s purpose in their lives. That’s the only way we will not mislead them.