Preambles: The Journey to Self-discovery

The journey to self-discovery is a series of articles first published on my Instagram platform. The thought to put this into writing started during family devotion when my children started asking how one can discover himself. It dawned on me that many are living purposelessly in this world without really knowing who they are. I hope the series of articles will help you and me to discover who we are and enlighten us on how to actualize God’s plans for our lives.

The Journey To Self-discovery Part 4:

When God eventually reveals who you are to you, you may think that you don’t have the qualifications. When God reveals His plans & purpose for your life you may think that once you share the vision with others they will instantly believe you, but it doesn’t happen that way.

When other Apostles saw Paul the Apostle, they thought he was still Saul the persecutor. When Joseph heard that Mary his wife, who was a virgin claimed that she heard a pregnancy through the power of the Holy Ghost, his first reaction was to run away & he planned to divorce her secretly. Sarah thought that the promise of God to Abraham was no longer feasible considering her old age, so she suggested Hagar to Abraham & Ishmael was born. Even the religious people may not believe you especially if your credentials or resume does not reflect who you claimed you are. The Sadducees & the Pharisees did not believe in Jesus Christ. Many thought he was an ordinary son of a carpenter. Some believed that nothing good can come out of Nazareth. Those who crucified Jesus were the religious people, so don’t even think that your church members will easily accept or believe you. Even your close associates may misunderstand your true identity.

The disciples of Jesus did not fully understand his purpose here on earth despite the fact that he heard been with them for several years. All the miracles he performed did not convince them about His real assignment. When Jesus asked about who they think He was it was only Peter who could answer affirmatively that He is the son of God. Even the same Peter later rebuked Jesus, when He told them that he will be crucified. Jesus rebuked Peter & said he did not understand his assignment. It was after Jesus’ death & resurrection that the Apostles later fully understand many things Jesus told them.

So sometimes, your vision may look impossible & unbelievable but don’t be discouraged. At the appointed time, the vision will speak & not lie if you can patiently wait for it. If you are not yet born again, that’s the first step to self-discovery.