Preambles: The Journey to Self-discovery

The journey to self-discovery is a series of articles first published on my Instagram platform. The thought to put this into writing started during family devotion when my children started asking how one can discover himself. It dawned on me that many are living purposelessly in this world without really knowing who they are. I hope the series of articles will help you and me to discover who we are and enlighten us on how to actualize God’s plans for our lives.

The Journey To Self-discovery Part 6:

Another set of people you need to be careful of as you work on actualizing your dreams are those who have been around before you. Especially if your dream is challenging the status quo, they might try to stifle your dream.

Ishmael was around before Isaac. He did not understand why Isaac should be the child of promise, so he waged a war against him. The religious leaders did not understand Jesus Christ. They thought he was trying to break the law, they never realized that He came to fulfill it, so they constantly attacked him. Joseph’s  elder brothers could not imagine how a small boy will say his elders will eventually bow to him, so they sold him into slavery. David brothers rebuked him when he said he could kill Goliath, who was an experienced warrior. He was harassing and terrorizing the army of Isreal, yet no one could face him. So how come that a boy who was not even qualified to be enlisted in the army of Israel by human standard was claiming that he could kill Goliath whom they could not confront. Remember the story of King Saul and David also. King Saul made several attempts to kill David when he realized that he would later take over the throne from him.
There was also a time that Miriam and Aaron spoke harshly to their younger brother Moses and Miriam was punished for it. Remember the case of Cain who killed his younger brother Abel. Esau planned to harm Jacob and that was why he ran away and lived for many years with his uncle Laban.
The Same principle is applicable to the flesh and the spirit. The flesh came alive first and the Spirit was revived much later after we were born again. Which means if you got born again at the age of 25, the flesh is older than the Spirit by 25 years. The flesh will wrestle against the Spirit constantly because he believed that he is older. The sinful nature wants to stick to the pattern and sinful habits that you have been used to over the years but the Spirit is saying, you are now a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things have become new.

Be vigilant!

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