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If you care to know what it takes to maximize your music potentials, if you always wanted to know how to get better at your game and you want to be the best of you there can possibly be, then, MBI is the forum for you.

At MBI, you have the benefit of the experience and expertise of our facilitators; they are on hand at the forum to introduce you to new trends in music, equip you for impact and stardom, educate you on best practices in music and its practicability in your context (Nigeria). Also you have the opportunity to learn how to push your way to the topmost. MBI is the periodic forum where you are configured to build marketing value into your music while ensuring that as an artiste, your eyes remain on the ball. Also participants are treated to a relevant processes in personal discoveries, personal leadership/management, environmental scanning, strategic planning, branding, marketing and promotional plan, music research methodologies/analysis and future-casting. Music Business Intelligence is your launch pad to true stardom.

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