Preambles: The Journey to Self-discovery

The journey to self-discovery is a series of articles first published on my Instagram platform. The thought to put this into writing started during family devotion when my children started asking how one can discover himself. It dawned on me that many are living purposelessly in this world without really knowing who they are. I hope the series of articles will help you and me to discover who we are and enlighten us on how to actualize God’s plans for our lives.

The Journey To Self-discovery Part 1:

A few days ago, we were having a family devotion. While trying to expatiate on the importance of self-discovery, I told my sons that I don’t really know who they are & they don’t know me. I said it is even possible for my wife not to fully know me & vice-versa. The point I made that blew their mind was that it is possible for a man not to fully know himself.
At that point, my little boy looked confused. He asked, “Daddy how can you say that we don’t know you”? I took my time to explain what I meant to them & I backed it up with the scriptures.
When God rolled out the credentials of Gideon, he did not believe that he was the one God was talking about. He called him a mighty warrior & he never saw himself that way. He tried to argue with God saying his clan was the weakest in Manasseh & he was the least in the family. Until you have an encounter with God, who is our manufacturer, & He revealed His purpose for you here, you might never realize who you are. Moses also argued with God thinking he did not have the capacity to carry out God’s assignment. A great prophet would have died as a mere shepherd.

Your biological father may not even know who you are. David’s dad, Jesse never bother to present him to Prophet Samuel when he came to anoint one of his sons as the king of Israel. He didn’t reckon with David. He has forgotten him in the bush. Joseph’s dad, Jacob was wondering how Joseph will say that himself, his mother & brothers will bow down to him one day.
My eldest son later said, but your pastor will know you. I replied it is possible for your pastor not to know who you are. Samuel almost anointed Eliab in place of David before God cautioned him. Eli the prophet rebuked Hannah thinking she was drunk when she was actually praying to God.
It is possible for your siblings not to know you. Joseph’s brother never knew that Joseph’s dream will ever come to pass. If they had known they would not have sold him into slavery. They later regretted their actions

To know who you are, go to the Manufacturer, He can reveal the functionality of his products.

The journey to self-discovery - Kayode Olusoji